Travel clinics

By request, Dr. Taylor has started providing energy healing sessions and workshops elsewhere. If you wish to be seen at one of these sites which may be closer to you, approximate dates of clinics and organizer’s contact info are below. There is also a registration sheet you can print and bring with you. The organizer will have details for questions you will have at that site.

Note: Dr. Taylor will not prescribe any allopathic treatments in states outside of Washington where he is licensed as an MD. Energy healing is an alternative and complimentary treatment modality that is not associated with allopathic medicine standards of care.

2020 cancelled due to COVID


Energy clinic opportunity
Nov 11-15, Ann Arbor, Michigan

New Workshop series
Bremerton, WA
June 22, 2019 10am-6pm, 1st of 4 workshops in the series
contact email:


completed workshops
Chapel Hill, NC
Lauren, email

Cortes Island, BC




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yes/no    use my email for appointment notifications and clinic related issues

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If patient is a minor, responsible person with who minor resides


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In case of emergency, relative or friend

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Disclosure and Release

I authorize treatment of the person named above and understand that I am responsible for payment of this service regardless of insurance coverage or third party agent.  I understand and accept that Dr Taylor does not accept insurance payments and I am responsible for the payment of services rendered on the date of service, all fees are due at your visit.

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 I understand that an appointment time has been reserved especially for me. Prepaid fees are non-refundable unless Dr. Taylor must cancel, then all fees are refundable or may be applied to a new appointment.

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We are not keeping a record of this alternative medicine treatment. We will not disclose your information to others unless you direct us to do so or unless the law authorizes us or compels us to do so.

 Our Notice of Privacy Practices describes in more detail how your health information may be used and disclosed, and how you can access your information.

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Short description of health issues to be addressed by treatment. If you have a medical diagnosis, please list as this is helpful for Dr Taylor to understand the process.  Also, please list other treatments you have undergone, dates, and outcomes of these treatments, ie helped and how, or did not help.