Dr Taylor is working at a variety of sites. Please use tabs above to review types of services you are interested in.

Bremerton is a cash only clinic for Internal Medicine and transgender consultation, and alternative energy clinic

Pacific Medical Center, in Puyallup, takes insurance and he sees Internal medicine and transgender patients here starting Jan 7, 2019. Unfortunately, the Lacey clinic closed Dec 15,2018.

Travel clinic can be wherever he has been invited to provide energy clinic/teaching, see listings.

(see Alternative Integrative section for crystal bed/energy scheduling)

For 2019  energy and medical appointments in Bremerton are on some
Thursdays 2pm-6pm, Fridays 10am-6pm, typically the first 3 weeks of the month
Last appts are at 5pm

Clinic is at the Kitsap Natural Medicine clinic
1007 Scott ave, suite D, Bremerton
(entrance is on Pitt ave)

Directions: take Manette bridge east. exit first right off rotary onto Harkins St,
at stop sign, take a right onto Pitt ave,1 blk another stop sign,
jog right on E 11th st, then jog left back onto Pitt ave. (a jog is a short turn)
You are now on the lower level, backside of the building that is addressed on Scott Ave. Kitsap Natural Medicine is in this parking lot. Enter through the supplement shop. Eagle Sweep is at the back of the shop. If the clinic door is closed, please have a seat or wander around the shop.

Mailing address is different:
Eagle Sweep Clinic
PO Box 2558
Bremerton, WA 98310

Email: drtaylor@eaglesweepclinic.com
Local Phone: 360-548-2823
Toll free: 888-213-9664
Fax: 360-558-7975

Bremerton Medical Clinic Scheduling link:

Appointments can be made via email, online, or phone. Online is the easiest, you can self schedule and cancel and reschedule yourself by accessing the link above. Remember to put in your email address and phone numbers for reminder notices. Default reminders are via email..
Trying to make appointments by email or phone will take several back and forth attempts as we coordinate your availability with open appointments, but is possible. Realize there are many times I will be out of town and my availability to get back to you will be limited, if you can use the self scheduler that is the best option.

Types of appointments and how they appear on scheduler
New patient Internal Medicine   60 mins :  New pt IM
New patient Transgender   60 mins : New pt TG
Followup Internal medicine 20mins : followup IM
Followup Transgender 20 mins : followup TG
Followup extended 40 mins : followup extended

If you are a new patient, you need to choose 2 appointments the month you want to be seen so you can have your initial appointment and a followup within a timely interim, choose them at least 1 week apart. If you are having difficulty setting this up, email me.