Alternative Integrative Healing

Energy work

What is energy work? Energy healing is an alternative and complimentary treatment modality that is not associated with allopathic medicine standards of care. It is healing techniques that utilize the same energy that flows throughout each of us, around us, and through all living things. Different practitioners utilize different techniques. I utilize divine light and work on your aura with you.  You are a part of this healing process. I can teach you to utilize this light for your own healing as you work on other components of your spiritual healing. You cannot heal fully by someone else working on you. You might feel better temporarily, but it won’t hold.

I have been doing some of this work since 2006.  My initial trip to Brazil in 2016 was to specifically learn new techniques to expand the healing potentials. Since my return, I am very excited to share these possibilities with those who are interested. We are having some exciting outcomes. Some examples include recent patient improvements/resolutions in:  peripheral vascular disease; diabetic neuropathy; neurogenic bladder; arthritis pain; thyroid disorders; visual problems; autoimmune disorders; augment cancer treatments; dystonia; ureteral stone entrapment with hydronephrosis; spinal stenosis.

Since 2017, I have been participating in medical research projects which explore the benefits of this type of energy work and document treatment outcomes that are possible.  The most recent study was with IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and this study showed a scientifically credible benefit to treating carpal tunnel syndrome without allopathic surgery. When the publication date is announced I will post the journal information.  You can go online to review IONS website and summary of the study here

Energy sessions are by appointment with me only after consultation. You and I must make sure we are seeking the same outcomes with similar expectations. I am not going to “cure” you in one session; this is not miracle medicine. You will most likely feel better, but there is more work to be done. Please email me, or call and leave a message, so that I can call you back and discuss a potential appointment.


Is typically for Thursdays or Fridays, as Dr. Taylor is working in other clinics the rest of the week.  If you desire an appointment  please email or call for a request. Calls go directly to voicemail which is then sent to text and email which gives me quicker notifications.

energy appt new patient, includes medical history review  $150
energy appt established patient, 1 hour appt    $100

For a comprehensive review of some types of energy work and the science associated with it, please read “The Power to Heal” by Robert Estrich.  It is an excellent, easy to read, thorough overview.power to heal

Presence, Kindness, and Freedom by Barbara BrodskyThis is a book I recommend to almost everyone. It is an excellent approach teaching us how to deal with our human emotions which directly effects our energy centers and health.  I encourage you to read it through cover to cover and then spend time on each chapter as it applies to you.

for independent spiritual study, this group as a large library of archived material and new workshops and meetings that can be accessed on line

Crystal Bed IMG_20160331_155707

This crystal bed has been used in the clinic since 2016. I am honored to be authorized by the healing entities of the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil (the Casa) to provide a crystal bed to augment your healing.  2016-2020, I spent one month in Abadiania, Brazil each winter assisting with alternative medicine healing techniques that utilize prayer, meditation, and energy work; expanding upon the techniques I have already been using for over a decade.  The crystal beds can play an integral role in facilitating this process.

Many of you may know that crystals have energy and one of their uses is for healing.  The crystals obtained from the Casa are specifically selected for their healing energies.  They are arranged to work on one’s chakra energy centers. chakrasWe have 7 basic chakra energy areas that help keep us balanced and healthy.  When one of the centers is out of balance or de-energized, it contributes to our body being out of balance. And vice versa, when an area is ill, the chakra is out of balance.  Balancing these chakras is a part of daily spiritual work that each of us needs to partake of to develop healthy bodies. The crystal beds can help temporarily energize and balance the chakras to assist in one’s healing.  You still need to do your work, but using the crystal bed can get you started, and continue to assist as you learn to do your own spiritual work.

This particular crystal bed in the clinic (see above photo)has been authorized for my use and I personally took the crystals into the entities’ current for blessings prior to bringing it home from Brazil.  There are 7 crystals, a set which were all cut from one healing crystal chosen by the healing entities at the Casa. They are arranged in a frame that is above your body as you lie on your back on an crystalbed-21exam table.  Each crystal is adjusted to shine onto your specific chakra areas.  You lie under the crystals with soft music playing for 10-40 mins, depending upon treatment needs that day. Your eyes will be lightly covered by a cloth or eye mask. You may bring your own if you wish.

If you are obtaining energy work from me as well, I will often have you use the crystal bed for 10-40 mins prior to our session as this “fires up” your chakras and helps facilitate the energy session. This is optional. (see “energy work” below)

If you wish to use the crystal bed without additional energy work, this is possible. These sessions do not require my attendance. The crystal bed used in this fashion can be used on a regular basis to align your chakras and augment other healing work you are doing. It is a good time to meditate and pray as well. Maximum is one session daily. Please call or email us if you are interested in this so we can arrange an appt with you.